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What is Swiftally?

Swiftally (pronounced Swift-ah-lee) is a web platform, created by endurance athletes, that transforms race results for multiple events into leaderboards with the goal of increasing engagement in endurance sports for individuals, teams, and clubs.

How does Swiftally work?

Within seconds, Swiftally takes race results and uses smart matching technology to identify athletes over multiple events, in person or virtual. It then computes individual or team scores for elligible participants based on age-grading or cumulative time and publishes the results to a customizable leaderboard. No coding, technical background, or manual calculations required.


2019 race participants looking to sign-up for new type of challenge

Why Swiftally?

According to a 2019 industry survey by RunningUSA, 18% of race participants would be more inclined to register for events if it provided a new type of challenge. Race Series provide a new and motivating challenge for runners and cyclists of all levels and are easy for organizers to implement with existing or new events whether they are in-person or virtual.

Swiftally Leaderboards in Action

Recognize Stellar Performances at any Age

HARRA uses Swiftally's age-graded points leaderboard to recognize the top runnners in their city in each age group

Go to HARRA's Swiftally Leaderboard

Minimize Time, Maximize Motivation

The Austin Runners Club uses Swiftally's cumlative time leaderboard to provide motivation and foster competition amongst participants of this six race series

Go to ARC's Swiftally Leaderboard

Encourage Teamwork with Relays

The Wharton Roadrunners and Triatheletes Club uses Swiftally to encourage teamwork, comradery, and engagement through a series of virtual relays

Go to WRTC's Swiftally Leaderboard

Meet Swiftally's Co-Founders

Stephanie Bonk

Stephanie had the idea for Swiftally on a run and assembled the team to make it happen. She wears many hats including product management and business development.

Christian Reyes

Christian has been instrumental in architecting Swiftally as a cloud platform. He leads Swiftally's backend development and cloud deployments.

Cesar Salazar

Cesar created Swiftally's modern user interface. Because of his work, Swiftally is so easy to use and mobile friendly.

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