Three Ways to Use Swiftally

Stephanie Bonk, 21 December 2020

To be totally honest, I’ve felt disconnected from the running community this year. Due to the pandemic, runners like me have had less options than usual to connect with fellow runners. Safety is worth the sacrifice.

Swiftally has helped to fill the void for me and many others, in a safe manner. Swiftally provides a modern platform for clubs/crews and events, big and small, to put on friendly competitions for their communities. Swiftally is incredibly flexible tool so I wanted to provide a bit more detail about the ways people are using Swiftally today.

Race Series

This is Swiftally’s most popular configuration. When new race results are uploaded, Swiftally automatically matches common participants and updates the leaderboard. Swiftally’s matching technology can detect a person even when there are inconsistencies in their information from event to event. Such cases include age increase due to birthday, usage of nicknames, multiple people with the same name (think father son pairs), typos, spacing, etc.

A Swiftally admin said that switching to Swiftally saved 90% of the time they used to spend manually aggregating race results.


Swiftally can be used to aggregate results by team as a relay. Swiftally is able to match participants in race results by their team and show a singular result for each team. Relays are a great way to cultivate comradery and inspire accountability.

Virtual Events

Swiftally integrates with Google Forms for virtual races. Race Participants submit their times using a Google Form. Behind the scenes, Swiftally automatically uploads the form into its database and calculates the results with the newest information. In order to set up a virtual race, we can provide assistance in setting up the Google Form.