Swiftally Customer Chat with Jon-o Miller, Co-President of Wharton Roadrunners and Triathletes Club

Stephanie Bonk, 14 January 2021

Stephanie recently chatted with Jon-o Miller, Co-President of the Wharton Roadrunners and Triathletes Club about his club's experience using Swiftally this fall.

Stephanie: "Hi Jon-o, thanks for chatting today! Can you tell us a little more about your club?"
Jon-o: "The Wharton Roadrunners and Triathletes Club (WRRTC) aims to foster a community at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania amongst MBA students centered around running, swimming, and biking. The club has just over 115 members. Before COVID, we hosted weekly practices and encouraged members to compete in local events like Broad Street Run in May, the Philadelphia Marathon in November, and the Wharton 5k, put on by the undergraduate Wharton Running Club. This year is much different due to necessary measures to keep everyone at the Wharton School safe from COVID."

Stephanie: "You mentioned that 2020 was different due to COVID. What types of events and programming did WRRTC put on in 2020?"
Jon-o: "In 2020, we wanted to give club members the best experience possible working while adhering to COVID safety guidelines set by the University and City of Philadelphia. We were able to host two fun and competitive virtual relay races using Swiftally. All members of the club were eligible to participate. In order to make the races as competitive as possible, the club board tried our best to create teams of four that were as evenly matched as possible. Teams were made based on existing paces and each team member uploaded their times after they completed their segment. Swiftally helped our club increase engagement compared to 2019."

Stephanie: "We love that WRRTC chose to use Swiftally to put on two events this year! We thought the relay was a creative idea. Why did you decide to host a relay instead of an individual race?"
Jon-o: "We felt that the team aspect of a relay would offer the best opportunity for members to create meaningful relationships within the club given the current COVID restrictions. By evenly matching the teams, everyone had a good chance of making it on the podium unlike a traditional race where you have faster people that you expect to win. In the end, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from club members about the relays and the platform."

Stephanie: "Tell us a little more about the virtual relays? How did they go?"
Jon-o: "Our first race was a 4x5k relay occurred during the month of October. Our second relay was a distance medley comprised of 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile legs. We called it the “Race to Winter Break” as it went from mid-November to the last day of finals in December. From the administrative side, it was really easy to set the races up using Swiftally. Members logged their times individually and uploaded them by submitting a response to a Google form which automatically fed into Swiftally. One of our board members sent periodic email updates to race participants providing some light commentary on the race. I think it would surprise people to know just how competitive these races were. We saw so many lead changes and teams that were separated by only a few seconds. We also had some individuals run their relay legs multiple times to post a better time. It was very fun to participate in and observe. We intend to continue to utilize Swiftally for spring 2021 programming."

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